Activating Marken Lighthouse 2005 (NET-017)


On August 20th 2005 three ham radio operators (PA1FR, PA3HGP and PA5BM) and a non-ham friend but superb sailor (Paul) activated the "Het Paard van Marken" lighthouse. The ARLHS number is NET-017. We used a boat to get as close as possible to the lighthouse and activated NET-017 on several bands. On this page you'll find some photo's and the QSL card that was send to those who wanted a QSL card.

Our boat Our boat.

Frans, PA1FR and Andre, PA3HGP with equipment Frans, PA1FR and Andre, PA3HGP with equipment.

Andre, PA3HGP and Paul outside. Andre, PA3HGP and Paul outside.

NET-017 "Het Paard van Marken" NET-017 "Het Paard van Marken".

Frans, PA1FR working in CW. Frans, PA1FR/LH working in CW.

Beautiful Sky on "Het IJsselmeer"  Beautiful Sky on "Het IJsselmeer".

Frans, PA1FR. Frans, PA1FR. 

PA5BM/LH working in phone.


NET-017 NET-017.

The QSL card The QSL card.


For me it was the second time activating NET-017. The first time was on August 21st 2004 but that time I only made local (2m) QSO's.

You can check my online log search page to see if you ever made a QSO with PA5BM/LH.


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