In 2021, I studied Technician, General and Extra material from different sources. Two of which are Dave Casler (KE0OG) and W4EEY, both YouTube channels.

I knew you could do your exam online using zoom but at first did not find an opportunity to do so. Some time later I found VEA (Volunteer Examiners Australia ) and scheduled an exam on June 12th 2021 for a Technician and General exam.

This Australian group of volunteer examiners are great and very helpful. I also used the HamStudy app to prepare for these exams and passed on both exams.

So since June 2021, I also had the call sign KN6PGP. On July 10th 2021, I upgraded to Amateur Extra by taking the exam by VEA again and I  applied for a Vanity call sign as well.

The Vanity call sign was given to me and so since July 31st 2021, I now have the WA5BM call sign.

Needless to say, I'm also an ARRL member. One day I might make use of Remote Ham Radio and work as a big gun from the USA using my own American call sign. Who knows ....


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