PA5BM Station History

My main interest is Amateur Radio. I started out as a SWL with my own number NL-11028. Later I passed my technical exam and became PE1NVF. Then after working VHF for 5 years only and doing almost nothing with HAM radio for another 5 year I started again. This time my QTH was Purmerend. Within the first year I passed my CW code exam and became PA5BM.

I'm interested in QSL cards and awards especially those related to:

On 6m I collect locator squares working Sporadic E.

My current shack (2020) looks like this:

For more info on the history of my shack please look below !

This is what my shack looked like in the startup fase in Purmerend.

Shack in early stage


Here's my old QSL card from when my QTH was Lelystad and my call was PE1NVF. Maybe you recognize it? 

My QSL card as PE1NVF from QTH Lelystad

This is also an old QSL card!

My QSL card as PE1NVF from QTH Purmerend

As you can see on my card, I'm valid for the Waterland Award.

My current QSL card

This is my current QSL card.

Current Shack

This is what my shack looked like some years later! You'll find my current station setup here.

I'm also the original webmaster of the VERON afdeling Waterland website.



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